Live Cam Couple – What is a Live Cam Couple?

Live cam videos are recorded in real time and give you the chance to see what your baby is doing at that very moment. The good thing about a live cam couple is that you can watch it all and feel comforted as the mother you have put into the custody of for so long is in the same room with you, she is just like a small child herself, only she is in the care of the state, and you are being called a father. Why?

What are the issues created for the parents?

The reason is to have the father’s rights challenged and proved. You see, this is about all the rights that you have as a father, and how you as a father should be treated. Every day fathers who suffer from Child Custody issues are not allowed to be present while their children are living in the home, due to the fact that there is no divorce agreement signed by both parents. This creates issues for the parents, in terms of being able to spend time with their children, be separated and still be close to them.

It is the same for the biological parents who, when they decide to adopt a child, often do not get to be present when they are caring for their children, or are in a shelter, and are not allowed to spend time with them. These parents should not be denied their rights in any way, as they should be given every right possible to provide for their children.

The most common reason that men are denied these rights is because there are not enough hours in a day to be able to do everything their selves. Therefore, it makes sense that there should be a way to have the state of California create a system where everyone has the same rights as each other.

Now there is a form that has been created in which a live cam couple is put together in a documentary style, using either a webcam or camcorder. This gives the viewer a chance to see what is going on, as the father is now in the same room as the mother, and cannot be excluded from being present.

How there should be a law created that all parents should have equal rights?

There are times when, even though the mother has delivered the baby, and after the birth, the child cannot be with the mother. This means that the mother has rights that are not given to her, as she is not taking care of the baby, and therefore, it is not her right to be there. Again, this is true for the child being born, and also after the birth, so that the child has rights to have the father around him at all times.

If this is a program, it could be put together by a family lawyer, who would be paying the parents to come on camera to talk about the custody battle, and also for the live cam couple to answer questions that the viewers may have. They would not be paid to do this. This is a perfect example of how there should be a law created that all parents should have equal rights.

Keep in mind that this is going to take time, as there are thousands of children that need to be watched, and those that are easy to have on camera for interviews, are those that are not mentally challenged or small in stature. This is what makes the law allowing it for the foster and adoptive parents so much more difficult to pass.

Allows a viewer to feel comfortable

There is a particular procedure that is followed, when the live cam couple is at home, and the camera is set up outside of the house, so that everyone is included. This makes it easier for the camera to work, because the material that is being filmed is made to be simple to watch, and it allows a viewer to feel comfortable with the knowledge that this will never be repeated.

The live cam couple does not have to answer a question that the camera person asks, and there is no legal threat if the camera breaks. The new laws that have been created have caused the biological parents to seek counsel for better child custody and rights.

It is interesting, when the biological mother would try to communicate with the biological father, this is where the problem arises. She would make use of excuses to talk about the court process, and other things that would not help the child emotionally, while she and the other parent were being denied from getting to bond with each other and understanding what is going on.

However, the live cam couple are able to bond, understand the matter, and even get a legal expert to help. go over the laws in regards to the custody of the child.

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